Jiu Jitsu from the side lines

Jiu Jitsu from the side lines

Last week I did not do that much training. I only did sparring two days, I got a little sick, just a little cold, nothing seriouse, but wanted to stop it before it got worse and did not want any of the other guys to get it. I only filmed one of the sparring sessions. I also did a weight training session with Jeppe how also works in the academy. We did a max test en bench press, I have not done that since I was something like 19 or 20 years old, and have only done weight training two times a week for the last months. My max was 120 kg one time, I think that it is pretty good.

The first three days of this week I have been out as well, but I hope that next week will be much better. I already feel much better, tomorrow will be my first training. It is going to be good to be back to training, it is never easy to be one the side lines, looking at the other guys training.

New belts at the academy

Group photo 2012

Last night we had a belt ceremony at the academy. Every year right before Christmas we give out new belts, it is a great way to finish the year. This year was the biggest belt ceremony so far. I gave out 8 new blue belts, usually it is something like 2-3 new belts, but as we grow bigger, ofcause more people will get new belts.

It was great to give out the new belts, it is nice to see the new generations moving up the ranks and it is a great Christmas present.
We had a fantastic year, with a lot of new students, great results in the big competitions aswell as the small ones. We got our first medal at the ADCC, Ida Hansson got bronze.
We already have three people qualified for the Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu 2012. We won 5 medals at the mundials, 7 at the European Open BJJ, 4 at the Brasileros and two at the Pan Jiu Jitsu. The total amount of medals was 174, the best result so far.

And I just know that 2012 will be even better.

End of the week

That's how I roll end of week One more week of hard training. I was really happy when saturdays two hours of training was over. Saturday is always the hardest session of the week, two hours of drilling and sparring, almost non stop. A lot of peope showed up for the class, great training, I was completely wasted after that. Forgot to tape it again, so I only have videos of the day time sparring.

This weeks result was 14 sessions of training. Really tired, but over all I feel good. I had some good and bad days this week, not all of my sparring was that good, but that is the way you learn. Some times you ‘re the hammer, some time you’re the nail. When its your tourn to be the nail, you just have to take it. It just important that you turn it into something positive, so you learn from it. And dont forget everybody taps, it is just a matter of getting really tired, then you will make mistakes. But that is what I like about Jiu Jitsu.

This is the videos of wednesday to friday.

Midweek update

Passing the guard
Three days down, three to go, so fare I feel good, but really tired. I was to tired to train technique today. So only did the sparring this morning. Monday and tuesday I did 3 sessions of training, today I only did two session. Tomorrow I will be back to three.
Hurt my fingers today in sparring, not bad, but a little. I could feel it when I had to teach the class at 17.00. Just know that they will feel good tomorrow 🙂

I’m starting to wake up in the middel of the night, around 4-5 o’clock in the morning, and I wake up like I’m really fresh, not sure if that is a good thing. I think that it is because that I’m training hard. Usually in dont wake up in the night.

Monday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and training again at 18.00
Tuesday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00, lifting weights at 17.00
Wednesday: Sparring at 9.00, training at 18.00

One week down, seven to go

Sparring at the club

First week of training for the Europeans is in the books.This week I tried to train atleast two passes each day. Some days three.

Monday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and training again at 18.00 to 19.30
Tuesday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00
Wednesday: Sparring at 9.00, lifting weights at 14.00 and training at 18.00 to 19.30
Thursday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and lifting weights at 16.00
Friday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00.
Saturday: Situation sparring at 10.00
Sunday is all about relaxation 🙂 going to a spa with some of the guys from the gym.
15 sessions of training this week and I still feel good, tired but good

It has been a great week, lots of good training, this year we have a great team going down to Lisabon, everybody is going hard at it in training. Monday I was a little off, I just came back from my vacation, where I got some stomach problems, I could still feel it in the first training, I had to sit out after the first sparring, I felt really sick, but the rest of the week was fine, I could still feel it but nothing like that.
I try to film all my sparring sessions, I forgot all about it saturday at the training and I have only filmed the sparring in the morning. I forget about it when I start to teach the class at night.
This week I have tryed to stay on top at work on my passing game, it is a really good tool to film and look at yourself, when you sparre. If you have to opportunity to do so, then DO IT!.

On vacation

Great Ethiopian Run 2011

Just came back from vacation for the first time in a long while. It has been at least five years, since I have been out travelling, without it being work related or something to do with BJJ. Tomorrow it we start again, it was really good for the body to relax, get some sun, eat and sleep. I ran the 10K Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa. It was a great experience. I can highly recommend it, it is in 3000 m latitude, so dont start out to hard. Came in about an hour after the pros.

Here is some video from my last training before I left for Africa. Fixed the address in the videos.