Summer camp 2012

This was by far the biggest summer camp we had. With 97 participants from different countries. Was always Leo Vieira did a great job teaching us new stuff, not just new things, but he is always building on top of things that he already taught us the last time he was here. He showed us some really good concepts from the top and the buttom. Now we have many things that we need to work on, it is really motivating for all of us, especially for myself. It was great for once just to show up and train. I didnt have to think about anything, but my own training.

Summer Camp 2012 Belts

Saturday was a really special day, three guys that have been in BJJ since the very start in Denmark, was awarded the black belt. I have known them for more then 15 years. It was great to be there with them, when they got their belts. For two of them it came as a big surprise, you could see it in their faces and that’s how it should be. Now we are 7 black belt in the academy.

It is nice to see the team is getting stronger and stronger.

It was fantastic to roll with Leo again, he has the ability to make you roll much better then you would normally do, he somehow puts you in the situations that he just taught you, but in a very suttle way, and you almost don’t notice that he just gave you the position. For me that takes great skill. He guide you though it, with out saying anything. This is true mastery. He can also do the opposite. Make you feel that you don’t know a thing 🙂 We are looking forward to his next vist.

See you next year at summer camp 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2011

This is the week of the CheckMat Denmark summer camp 2012 with Leo Vieira. This is going to be the biggest camp so far with about 100 participants from Denmark, Swedan, Norway, Belgium and Brazil. I’m really looking forward to this, it is going to be great to spend time with friends that you have not seen in a while.

And I sure that Leo as always have some new stuff to show us. 4 days just training, eating and sleeping. Wait that sounds like a normal week.

Toby, Frank and Nick

Last week we had 4 guys in a try out for a Danish team to fight in MMA against England next month. All the guys did really great, but only one got picked for the team, but it was really nice to see the guys in action. It is much easier to see what we need to work on in the future.

Last night I was watching some old videos of myself sparring in Rio in 2010. It was good, I could see that I roll differently now then back then. Some of the things I need to go back to, from the guard, especially the x-guard. I can really recommend that you film your sparring

Here is a small video of me and Rico Vieira rolling in the academy