The gi

Started to produce my own line of bjj kimonos with my business partner Klaus, and after a lot of productions problems and samples we finaly got our first batch of kimonos, and we are really satisfied with the finale product. This is the best kimono that I have ever had, the fit is perfect, it is not to heavy and it has a simple design. Looking forward to try it out in London Open.

Next batch is going to be in black and blue. For more information about Mokahardware click here 

The Kimono from the back

Royal Arena and competing in London

This weekend Joachim Christensen and Theo Ginman from our academy was fighting in a danish MMA event, Royal Arena 2. This was Theos first pro MMA fight, and everything went according to the game plan. Clinch him up against the cage and go for the takedown. GnP and take the submission if it is there.

It can be really nervreking before the fight, so it is big a relief, when things go as planed.

Here is Theos fight

Joachim had a great fight against a good fighter from Sweden. Joachim did a great job standing, in the clinch and on the ground. It was more or less the same plans as Theos.

Both of the guys did really good and I’m very proud of them.

My own training has been on and off lately, but now I have started to train for London Open and the European Open No-Gi in october, and I can feel that it has been a while since I have trained hard, my body hurts in the morning, but it is a good feeling, and it is easier to motivate myself to train hard, when I have a goal. I think that it is going to be a great trip, there something like 10 guys going from the gym going to compete.

I’m going to start filming my sparring sessions again. Starting from tomorrow, so check in soon for more updates.