Took a trip to London and came back much wiser

Group photo from the Europeans No-Gi

This weekend I went to London to fight in the London Open and the first European Open No-Gi championship, with 9 of my students. This was my first competition since the Europeans in January. As always I look forward to going these trips with the team. We always have a really good time and I get to know people better, then the guys that I only see at the academy.

So if you have the chance to go on a trip with your gym, even if it’s not that far away, then Do It!

Winning the London Open BJJ Silver at the European Open No-Gi

Everybody from CheckMat Denmark did an excellent job at the competition, and even if they did not win, I’m sure that they learned something. I learned a lot from my fights and from Leo Vieira, when he helped coaching my students and me. He is the master of strategi.

Here are the the majour things that I will change in my training.

  • move more and go more for the submissions
  • to get into more scramples
The scrampling part is something that I will work more on.

I had some problems with my back one week before the competition. I had a sharp pain in the lower right side, just above the hip. Luckily I only felt it in the end of my last fight, where I got my back taken, I could feel it the day after, but today it is not that bad. The finale was not my best fight, I really fucked that fight up, I was to stuck up on getting one sweep from the half guard, but he sprawled  and took my back. I wont do that again, next competition I have to make a better weight cut.

I was fighting in my own gi brand and there was no problem in getting it approved by the gi checker, so you can use it in the IBJJF competions. This is the best gi that I ever had, the best fit and everything. Next week we should have the new shipment of the black and blue gis, really looking forward to this.

Thank you Leo Vieira, Rico Vieira, Bob Esponja and everybody else who helped me on my journey in the wonderful world of BJJ. A big thank you to everybody in the best club, Arte Suave. See you on the mat!!


Europeans reflections

I did not update my blog the last week of my training for the europeans, I was to tired, sick, injured and had other things to do. I still have some videos from the last days of training, I will have them ready as soon as I finish the fight videos from the competitions.
I twisted my knee two weeks before we had to leave for Portugal, not as bad as last year, but bad enough that I had to sit out the some days of training, but I think that I had trained hard and was in good shape for the competitions, the only thing is your head in that situation. You start to worry about the fights more them you would have, or at least I do. I also got a cold, I always do that this time of year, I’m not build for this kind of weather 🙂
The training every morning, was really good for my preperation and I felt in good shape. I was tired in between the fights, but I think that was because of the waiting and the sickness.

My first fight was good I think, almost got taken down once and he got me in a reverse armbar, but it I got out of it and passed his guard. My second fight was really bad, I got into his haft guard and he did a lock down on my leg and that was more or less the rest of the fight, could not move out of it, and I lost the fight.

  • I need to work more on my stand up game plan, if I want to be on the top
  • Take more charge of the fight on top, and dont let the guy work his guard.
Here is my first fight. The first fight is always the hardest. All the nerves and you have to not felt the mat yet. I think that it went alright, I did not get tired, almost got caught in an armbar, right before the pass. After looking at the fight, the moment that he has my arm felt a lot longer than it looks like on the video 🙂

Second week of the year

Defend you neck at all times

Started monday with being as tired as it was the end of the week, I think that I did not get enough rest during the weekend. But what can you do, I’m in the last weeks of my training, so I just have to push though, I think that everybody was really tired from the last weeks training, but people are looking better and better and I think that we are going to have a good eurpeans. The guys that have an game plan in their Jiu Jitsu is so much harder to defend against, because they always know where they are going, instead if the guy who is just looking for openings. When you are fighting a guy with a game plan, a guy that is good at imposing his game on you, you have to try to get him out of his comfort zone and dont try to play into his game, because that is just what he wants. So if you know that he likes to play the deep half guard, dont go in there, only go there if he puts you there, I know that this is hard to do, but that is what you have to do.
This is what I have been trying to work on since I started my training for the championship and I worked on being more strategic, I just moved up into senior 1, so now I only have 5 min to get my points, so I dont have so much time so score my points, and if you fall behind you have to work hard to get back into the game. This changes the way you have to play your game.

This week I trained differently from the morning to the evening, in the evening classes I trained more defence, because I was tired, so not to risk getting injured, I did not go that hard in the evening and work on my defence work, allowing people to pass my guard, getting my back and so on. I used this a lot when I’m tired, then I can still train and get something out of it. You just have to get used to getting tapped, but that is all part of the training. Just remember that training is not about winning, it is about getting better. You cant always just train at what you’re good at, or you will have big holes in your game. So leave your ego at the door.

This week I got 11 training sessions done, two of them physical training the rest Jiu Jitsu, I took the weekend off, because I could feel that my arm was a little over worked, so I took the decision to sit out the competition training saturday. I think that it was a wise decision, because my arm feels a lot better them it did yesterday, so now I’m ready for a new week.

As always I tried to film as much of my sparring as posible

First week of the year

Training hard, hard training

The first week of the year, was really hard, had problems with my stomach, many of the guys from the gym had the same problem. Training was hard, I had no energi, but that is way is it good that we are a big group that is training together with the same goals, it is much easier to motivate youself, when you are not alone. The last training of the week, saturday was a killer as always. I was completely done after that. Situation sparring from bad positions, 5 min rounds in groups of 4 people. Got tapped, a foot in my mouth, a kick in the balls, but when we were done it felt good. You over come yourself. Two hours of training and sunday I had to get up early to go to a competition with the young guys, but it was worth it. They did a really good job. 3 guys and 4 medals, I was really happy, it is nice to see them in action, making the tings that we train at the gym work in competitions. 2012 first 4 medals and many more to come.

End of the week

That's how I roll end of week One more week of hard training. I was really happy when saturdays two hours of training was over. Saturday is always the hardest session of the week, two hours of drilling and sparring, almost non stop. A lot of peope showed up for the class, great training, I was completely wasted after that. Forgot to tape it again, so I only have videos of the day time sparring.

This weeks result was 14 sessions of training. Really tired, but over all I feel good. I had some good and bad days this week, not all of my sparring was that good, but that is the way you learn. Some times you ‘re the hammer, some time you’re the nail. When its your tourn to be the nail, you just have to take it. It just important that you turn it into something positive, so you learn from it. And dont forget everybody taps, it is just a matter of getting really tired, then you will make mistakes. But that is what I like about Jiu Jitsu.

This is the videos of wednesday to friday.

Midweek update

Passing the guard
Three days down, three to go, so fare I feel good, but really tired. I was to tired to train technique today. So only did the sparring this morning. Monday and tuesday I did 3 sessions of training, today I only did two session. Tomorrow I will be back to three.
Hurt my fingers today in sparring, not bad, but a little. I could feel it when I had to teach the class at 17.00. Just know that they will feel good tomorrow 🙂

I’m starting to wake up in the middel of the night, around 4-5 o’clock in the morning, and I wake up like I’m really fresh, not sure if that is a good thing. I think that it is because that I’m training hard. Usually in dont wake up in the night.

Monday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and training again at 18.00
Tuesday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00, lifting weights at 17.00
Wednesday: Sparring at 9.00, training at 18.00

One week down, seven to go

Sparring at the club

First week of training for the Europeans is in the books.This week I tried to train atleast two passes each day. Some days three.

Monday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and training again at 18.00 to 19.30
Tuesday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00
Wednesday: Sparring at 9.00, lifting weights at 14.00 and training at 18.00 to 19.30
Thursday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and lifting weights at 16.00
Friday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00.
Saturday: Situation sparring at 10.00
Sunday is all about relaxation 🙂 going to a spa with some of the guys from the gym.
15 sessions of training this week and I still feel good, tired but good

It has been a great week, lots of good training, this year we have a great team going down to Lisabon, everybody is going hard at it in training. Monday I was a little off, I just came back from my vacation, where I got some stomach problems, I could still feel it in the first training, I had to sit out after the first sparring, I felt really sick, but the rest of the week was fine, I could still feel it but nothing like that.
I try to film all my sparring sessions, I forgot all about it saturday at the training and I have only filmed the sparring in the morning. I forget about it when I start to teach the class at night.
This week I have tryed to stay on top at work on my passing game, it is a really good tool to film and look at yourself, when you sparre. If you have to opportunity to do so, then DO IT!.