Cleaning out my closet

Just went though some old DVDs and found these fights from Gameness 2005

Really fund to see these fights after so long time. I was a purple belt at the time

I had one fight in my weight class but lost it on points to Tor Toreng that now fights in the UFC.

In my second fight at went against Alexander Trans when he was just 15 years old, but still bigger then me ūüôā

Lost the finale in the open to Iran Mascarenhas.

The gi

Started to produce my own line of bjj kimonos with my business partner Klaus, and after a lot of productions problems and samples we finaly got our first batch of kimonos, and we are really satisfied with the finale product. This is the best kimono that I have ever had, the fit is perfect, it is not to heavy and it has a simple design. Looking forward to try it out in London Open.

Next batch is going to be in black and blue. For more information about Mokahardware click here 

The Kimono from the back