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Happy and training

I was out from training for about a month or more, but now I’m back, just much heavier and my cardio is not that great, but that just how it is. It has been a while since I have been this heavy, right now I’m about 89 kg, and normally I’m about 84-85 kg. I can really feel it in training, one good thing is that I’m much harder to sweep, but I can feel it when I have move my own body, it takes much more energi to get it to where I want to be.
Last friday I did my first freestyle wrestling class in a long while and I was almost dead after the warm up. But it was one of the best trainings that I had, in a long time. It was a really good group of guys, everybody was trying to go for different take downs. Afterwards I had a great feeling in the body, I almost felt high. That is what I love about this sport, it makes me feel good and it and I always want to come back for more.

Michelle Nicolini seminar

Last week we had a seminar with Michelle Nicolini. A great seminar with focus on the foot and leg locks. Learned a lot of new stuff and it always nice to be at the other end of the class and just focus on my own training.

Today Lucas Leite is come to Copenhagen and will be teaching classes and a seminar on friday. Looking forward to this, and it good for me, when I teach to get new inspiration. These seminars is a investment in myself and the academy.

I will try to be better at posting, but lately I had a lot of other stuff on my mind, but stay tunedĀ for more stuff.

See you on the mats

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