That’s how I roll

That how I roll The way I roll depends on what I want out of my training. Depending on whether if I’m going to competition or not. Right now I’m going to compete, it is not something that I do that often, something like 2-3 times a year. I compete in the european open, International senior and master i Rio, if I have the money, it is alway nice to go to Brazil to train and fight in the birth place of BJJ and I also like to compete in the Scandinavian Open in Sweden. So at the moment I try to sharpen up my game, getting better at the things that I’m good at. I dont try to work on new things. I drill the techniques that I want to do in the fight. I try to get tight in the positions that I want to do in the fight when I do sparring I try to get into the positions that I want to be in.

I started to ask myself in sparring what I should do in the position that i’m in. What grip I need, what my feet should do, ect. this is a really good way to find out what you want and where your weakness is, if you dont know what to do in the position, then you need to find out. Sometime when you get tried or things are moving really fast this is really hard to do. But it is a good way to keep yourself focus on your training and not just do the same things that you always do. I try to get rid of the feeling of being loose in my technique.
When I’m not training for a competition I train very differently, I play much more try new things, let people pass my guard, take my back and so on and work a lot on things that I’m not good at. It is much more give and take. I believe that you can’t always train like it is a fight or you will only do what you are good at and never open up and try something new.
You will stagnate and won’t develope as fast as you should.
Dont forget that it is important to remember what is the purpos of your training.

Competing in Scandinavian Open

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