One week down, seven to go

Sparring at the club

First week of training for the Europeans is in the books.This week I tried to train atleast two passes each day. Some days three.

Monday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and training again at 18.00 to 19.30
Tuesday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00
Wednesday: Sparring at 9.00, lifting weights at 14.00 and training at 18.00 to 19.30
Thursday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00 and lifting weights at 16.00
Friday: Technique at 8.00, sparring at 9.00.
Saturday: Situation sparring at 10.00
Sunday is all about relaxation 🙂 going to a spa with some of the guys from the gym.
15 sessions of training this week and I still feel good, tired but good

It has been a great week, lots of good training, this year we have a great team going down to Lisabon, everybody is going hard at it in training. Monday I was a little off, I just came back from my vacation, where I got some stomach problems, I could still feel it in the first training, I had to sit out after the first sparring, I felt really sick, but the rest of the week was fine, I could still feel it but nothing like that.
I try to film all my sparring sessions, I forgot all about it saturday at the training and I have only filmed the sparring in the morning. I forget about it when I start to teach the class at night.
This week I have tryed to stay on top at work on my passing game, it is a really good tool to film and look at yourself, when you sparre. If you have to opportunity to do so, then DO IT!.

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2 thoughts on “One week down, seven to go

    • Hej Liam,

      Mange tak.

      Jeg er stadigvæk i gang med at oploade videoerne fra sidste uge, så det er nok bare fordi den ikke helt færdig endnu.

      Der mangler også et par stykker som ikke er oppe endnu.

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