First week of the year

Training hard, hard training

The first week of the year, was really hard, had problems with my stomach, many of the guys from the gym had the same problem. Training was hard, I had no energi, but that is way is it good that we are a big group that is training together with the same goals, it is much easier to motivate youself, when you are not alone. The last training of the week, saturday was a killer as always. I was completely done after that. Situation sparring from bad positions, 5 min rounds in groups of 4 people. Got tapped, a foot in my mouth, a kick in the balls, but when we were done it felt good. You over come yourself. Two hours of training and sunday I had to get up early to go to a competition with the young guys, but it was worth it. They did a really good job. 3 guys and 4 medals, I was really happy, it is nice to see them in action, making the tings that we train at the gym work in competitions. 2012 first 4 medals and many more to come.

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