Second week of the year

Defend you neck at all times

Started monday with being as tired as it was the end of the week, I think that I did not get enough rest during the weekend. But what can you do, I’m in the last weeks of my training, so I just have to push though, I think that everybody was really tired from the last weeks training, but people are looking better and better and I think that we are going to have a good eurpeans. The guys that have an game plan in their Jiu Jitsu is so much harder to defend against, because they always know where they are going, instead if the guy who is just looking for openings. When you are fighting a guy with a game plan, a guy that is good at imposing his game on you, you have to try to get him out of his comfort zone and dont try to play into his game, because that is just what he wants. So if you know that he likes to play the deep half guard, dont go in there, only go there if he puts you there, I know that this is hard to do, but that is what you have to do.
This is what I have been trying to work on since I started my training for the championship and I worked on being more strategic, I just moved up into senior 1, so now I only have 5 min to get my points, so I dont have so much time so score my points, and if you fall behind you have to work hard to get back into the game. This changes the way you have to play your game.

This week I trained differently from the morning to the evening, in the evening classes I trained more defence, because I was tired, so not to risk getting injured, I did not go that hard in the evening and work on my defence work, allowing people to pass my guard, getting my back and so on. I used this a lot when I’m tired, then I can still train and get something out of it. You just have to get used to getting tapped, but that is all part of the training. Just remember that training is not about winning, it is about getting better. You cant always just train at what you’re good at, or you will have big holes in your game. So leave your ego at the door.

This week I got 11 training sessions done, two of them physical training the rest Jiu Jitsu, I took the weekend off, because I could feel that my arm was a little over worked, so I took the decision to sit out the competition training saturday. I think that it was a wise decision, because my arm feels a lot better them it did yesterday, so now I’m ready for a new week.

As always I tried to film as much of my sparring as posible

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