Danish Open BJJ and Training

Have not been training that much lately. I host the biggest  BJJ competition in Denmark, the Danish Open. This year is was the 7th time that we do that, and I think that we get better and better at it. There is so much work in having a competition that size. I fixed the homepage, so that the brackets, schedule and every thing is more automated. This will in the end save a lot of time.
This year the kids fought round robin, to make sure that they would get a lot of fights. From 16 years and up we did single elemination. Everything went after the plan, with only minor errors.

The nice thing is that all the brackets are online, completely updated. You will be able to see how fare you got in your bracket. This is a really nice feature, that I have not seen before.

Check out this bracket Purple Belt Adult (18 years and up) Male Leve -76.0 kg.  If you click on one of the names, you can see that fighters profile, how many fights he had, what titles he won in DOBJJ.

The next competition is Dansk Grappling Liga, here I use a similar system for brackets and so on. http://grapplingliga.dk/ with all kinds of stats, like most popular submission, who won the most fights. What kind of submission that the fighter uses. ect.

Had and inflamation in my shoulder this week, so I only trained once so far, hopefully tomorrow will be better

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