Do you watch fights?

Do you watch fights?

Do you watch fights?

Do you use fight footage to improve your Jiu Jitsu? I use it all the time! I try to find a fighter, that does something specific that I would like to learn, and then I find competition videos of that fighter.

Take notes

I take notes while watching the matches, this way I have use my mind and not just mindlessly watch the screen. Keep watching the same move over and over again, and try to see if you can find it in other fights.

I have divided my notes into Guard, Passing Guard, Mount, Back Mount ect. Under Guard, I have the different type of guard ect. When I find something specific I add it in the right section and I put the name of the competition and a link to the video, this way I can always go back and watch it again, and most likely you have to after you tried it out on the mat.

If you don’t know who does what in BJJ, then here is a short list to get you started

  • Half gaurd
    Lucas Leite
  • Butterfly guard
    Marcelo Garcia
    Adam Wardzinski
  • X-Guard
    Marcelo Garcia
  • Deep half guard
    Alexander Trans
    Bernado Faria
  • Omoplata
    Clark Gracie
    Otavio Sousa
  • Open Guard
    Abmar Barbosa
    Braulio Estima
    Felipe Pena “Preguiça”
  • Berimbolo
    João Miyao
    Paulo Miyao
    Rafael Mendes
  • Guard passing
    Leozinho Vieira
    Guilherme Mendes
    André Galvão
    Lucas Lepri
    Rodolfo Vieira
    Leandro Lo
  • Spider Guard
    Romulo Barral
    Leandro Lo
    Michael Langhi
    Ricardo Vieira

A learning tool

This has been a great tool for me to learn about new positions and techniques. And if you see it done in competition at the highest level, you’re pretty sure that it works!

I recommend that you use YouTube or even better get an account on Just want to say that I have nothing to do with Flograppling, but I think that it is great to have a site with so much footage in one place.

You have to watch it, drill it, watch it again, drill it again

You have to watch it, drill it, watch it again, drill it again and do it again

Now go and watch some Jiu Jitsu

Look how much fun we’re having watching BJJ fights

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