Be a good training partner

Drilling technique

There are good and bad training partners. Some people think that everything is a competition and try to make it hard for you to do the technique.
It is very easy to defend or do something to spoil it for the other person, but that is not the point, you job is to give the right feed back to you training partner, because he is not your opponent. Your job is to help him perfect the technique.

In Judo and other Japanese martial arts they have a name for the training partner, Uke . Uke (受け)is in Japanese martial arts the person who “receives” a technique. The action of uke is called “taking ukemi (受け身).” Literally translated as “receiving body”, it is the art of knowing how to respond correctly to an attack and often incorporates skills to allow one to do so safely. From wikipedia

I think that it pretty much says it all

When you are the uke, it is not your turn to train, it is your partners turn to try out the technique, so give him the feedback that he need to perform the technique correctly.You can increase the resistance, accordingly to how good your partner is at performing the technique.

Training partner

For some people this is very hard to understand, and they will try to make it a fight every time they train. That will only slow down the process of learning, not just for them, but also for all the people that they train with. I have even seen people try to defend the technique in drilling, this is wrong. Don’t do that please.

That makes me feel like this

That is why it is not everybody that I train techniques with. It can be hard to find somebody that has the same idea, as you have about drilling technique. If your partner doesn’t give you the feedback that you need, let him know, he might not be aware of what he is doing. Some people needs to be told many times 🙂

See you on the mats

I did this in English because we have some students in the academy, that don’t understand danish.

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