End of the week

That's how I roll end of week One more week of hard training. I was really happy when saturdays two hours of training was over. Saturday is always the hardest session of the week, two hours of drilling and sparring, almost non stop. A lot of peope showed up for the class, great training, I was completely wasted after that. Forgot to tape it again, so I only have videos of the day time sparring.

This weeks result was 14 sessions of training. Really tired, but over all I feel good. I had some good and bad days this week, not all of my sparring was that good, but that is the way you learn. Some times you ‘re the hammer, some time you’re the nail. When its your tourn to be the nail, you just have to take it. It just important that you turn it into something positive, so you learn from it. And dont forget everybody taps, it is just a matter of getting really tired, then you will make mistakes. But that is what I like about Jiu Jitsu.

This is the videos of wednesday to friday.

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